Here are the instruments I've recently completed. Clicking on the images will bring up a slide show of that instrument.

Cypress and Torrified Sitka Baritone

Understated and classy is how I would describe this 20" scale length Baritione. Monterey Cypress and Torrified Sitka Spruce with Australian Blackwood bindings. An arm bevel has been added along with a side sound port. A flat fret board was requested without fret markers to the face. The finish is French Polish.

Bocote and Torrified Sitka Spruce 8 String Tenor Ukulele

I love the earthy color pallet in this intrument. The Australian Blackwood bindings add a bit of flash to the body, but the Pink Abalone inlay to the rosette, fret board and peg head are a real stand out. 8 Strings in Worth Browns, and Rubner tuners for precise tuning.

Australian Blackwood Tenor Ukulele

An exceptional set of Curly Australian Blackwood from Tasmania with Paua Shell inlay to this very customised Tenor Ukulele.

Australian Blackwood and Sitka Spruce Guitalele

A Guitalele with a 21.5" scale length and tuned to EADGBE. Made from Australian Blackwood and Sitka Spruce. It has a very full and rich and resonant tone for such a short scale tuned in this manner.

Curly Australian Blackwood and Sitka Concert

Lovely figure and color to this Australian Blackwood paired with a Sitka Spruce soundboard with Bear Claw figure. The sap wood from the same billet was used for the bindings.

Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle and Curly Sequoia Concert

Tiger Myrtle paired with a curly Sequoia soundbord. Australian Blackwood Bindings, Hormigo inlay for the fret board markers. Finished in high gloss polyurethane.

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