This is a small sample of my work. Clicking on the images will bring up a slide show of that instrument.

Australian Blackwood and Huon Pine Soprano

Lovely tight curl in this Blackwood from Tasmania paired with a Huon Pine soundboard. Indian Rosewood Bindings complement the color palette. This is my most requested combination of timbers for a soprano ukulele

Ambrosia Maple and Ancient Sitka Spruce Soprano

3000 year old Sitka Spruce soundboard paired with some very colorful Ambrosia Maple with a nice curly figure. Curly Jarrah bindings complementing the color palette. Paua Shell inlay for some extra flash to make for a very stunning instrument.

Padauk and Huon Pine Soprano

Padauk has a lovely brick red color and makes for a striking contrast to the honey colored Huon Pine soundboard with prominent "White Bait" figure. Indian Rosewood bindings, fret board and peg head veneers. Hormigo with sap wood was used for the block inlaid fret markers.

Australian Blackwood and King Billy Pine Soprano

An all Australian Soprano made with timbers from Tasmania and New South Wales. The Blackwood featurning the lighter sap wood, and a King Billy Pine soundboard. The peg head veneers and fret board are Gidgee.

Curly Australian Blackwood Soprano

Hard to find Australian Blackwood much nicer than this. Making a feature of the sap wood for a stunning contrast to the rich red brown coloring of the heart wood. Paua Shell really comes to life in this combination of timber.

Hormigo and Ancient Sitka Spruce Soprano

Hormigo has long been used for musical instruments and paired with a 3000 year old Sitka Spruce soundboard makes a unique and eye catching instrument. I've used more of this timber in the fret markers and rosette to unify the look.

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