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Uke arrived today. Its beautiful - thanks for building me such a great uke (my first custom). Plays wonderfully, sounds fantastic, and a looker as well. All the elements have come together to produce a really classy look.
Shawn Armitage, NSW
Just a short email to let you know that I received my fantastic Uke and I am delighted with it. The craftsmanship is superb – thank you very much for all the consideration and effort that you have very obviously put into it.
Alan Key, South Brisbane
I have received the Canadian Maple Tenor ukulele. It is a work of art and sounds so sweet. Thank you so much for crafting such a beautiful instrument. I'm sure I will be back for more!
Les Lee, Lenox Head, NSW
Thank you so much for building this beautiful instrument ! I fell in love with it immediately, and now at home, it’s an absolute pleasure to play ... is pure joy. I'm finding it virtually impossible to put down.
Robyn Roe, Cairns Qld.
I have started to pay it, great sound, looks absolutely superb , what a wonderfull instrument. Give yourself a pat on the back. I cant say thanks enough.......
Joe Murray, Gawler South Australia
Hi Allen; the uke just arrived. It is breathtaking in appearance and has a gorgeous, sweet tone. So light and responsive. Really blown away. Thank you so much mate.
Jon Duncan, Tasmania
I'm really happy with the ukulele. It looks and sounds great. It was a pleasure working with you!
Julie Strietelmeier, USA
Thank you so much for my baritone. It gives me great joy whenever I pick it up. Any one I allow to play it instantly loves it. Your thought in design and your skills in building my uke are always a conversation starter and I am the envy of many friends.
Paul Chynoweth, South Australia
This email its just to tell you that the instrument its outstanding, and a pleasure to play it and to look at. Its a very special instrument! Its a really stunning piece...Its almost 01:00 AM and Iam still playing it!
Elias Wortsman, USA
It is a masterfully conceived and executed instrument.
Peter McMeel, Alice Springs N.T.
It's in perfect condition and I'm over the moon with it -- not only does it look stunning, but the action and neck profile are absolutely perfect for me. It sounds just how I wanted it to and I really couldn't ask for anything better. Your workmanship is exquisite Allen, I'm so glad that you agreed to build me this ukulele.
Mark Evans, France