Barron River Guitars & Ukuleles - Concert Gallery


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Curl Honduran Long Neck Concert

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Brazilian Mahogany Long Neck Concert

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Maple and Adirondack Long Neck Concert

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Concert in Milo and Red Spruce

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Black Heart Sassafras and 3000 year old Ancient Spruce.

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Honduran Mahogany Concert

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Curly Maple Concert

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Quilted Maple Concert with Red Cedar top.

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Milo and 3000 year old Ancient Spruce

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Curly Maple Concert with Gidgee Trim.

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Flame Maple and Toredo sculpted soundboard.

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Curly Honduran Mahogany with Sapelele bindings.

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Monterey Cypress Concert with Indian Rosewood and Koa.

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Blackheart Sassafras Concert with Ancient Spruce Soundboard.

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Master Grade Blackwood and King Billy Taro-patch

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