Barron River Guitars & Ukuleles - Pricing


A Note About Prices

All Pricing is in $AUD and include a hard shell case and shipping.

Standard instruments come in a high gloss finish including bindings and rosette. Gotoh 14:1 geared open back tuners are standard. All instruments include a high quality hard shell case and shipping is included.

All instruments come standard with a 12" to 16" compound radius on the fret board.

I have a wide range of timbers available. With some exotics or hard to source options there will be a surcharge based on market forces and the difficulty in working with some species. Contact me for more details.


Soprano - $1,850
Concert - $1,950 (Long neck option available, $100 extra)
Tenor - $2,150 ( Long neck option available, $100 extra)
Baritone - $2,250 (Long neck option available, $100 extra)
Guitalele - $2,700

Options to add in:

Slotted Head Stock - $250 (Some machine heads will incur and additional charge)
PegHed 4:1 Tuners - $150
HipShot Tuners (Art Deco Style) - not suitable for concerts or sopranos- $120
Gotoh UPT machine heads - $150
Binding and Purfling on Peg head - $150
Binding and Purfling on Fret Board - $100
Purfling lines to Peg Head and Fret Board - $150
Frank Lloyd Wright Style Fret Markers (Timber) - $150
Frank Lloyd Wright Style Fret Markers (Shell) - $300
Shell Rosette - $200
Arm Bevel - $400
Scoop Cutaway - $400
Sound Port - $150
K&K Aloha Twin Pick Up - $220
MISI Acoustic Trio Pick Up - $220
MISI Air Trio with LRBaggs Element and MEMS Microphone / Dual Volume Controls - $300

Custom Inlay - contact me for quote.


Because it has become increasingly expensive to ship a full size acoustic guitar overseas now with freight costs near $1,000 AUD per instrument, I no longer build this size of instrument.

I do build short scale length parlour guitars based around my Baritone body. For nylon stung instruments please refer to Guitalele pricing. If you would like a quote on a steel strung instrument, please contact me.


All instruments are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years to the original owner. Normal wear and tear to frets, strings, nuts and saddles is not included. Damage due to heat and or humidity stress is also not included, though I'll be happy to do repairs.

Repairs or replacement of parts or instrument will be discussed but final decision will be at my discretion.

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